Momo_MMD's Comissions :D

Hello! I'm Momo. I've been an MMDer since 2015 and have been animating since then. If you're here, you're probably looking for my commission prices, or you want to get a good look at what I can do.

Comission Status : OPEN :D

Demo Reel

its my work and stuffs :D

Terms of service

■ Half of the payment will be upfront and the other half will be given to me after I finish your animation,

■ Depending on what you commission me to do, I may need some type of storyboard. You can't tell me to animate a song without an idea of what to do with it.

■ Please be patient with your commission. Animation take a lot of time so don't be surprised if it takes me a month or 2 or even longer to finish 4 minutes of animation.

■ Please state whether or not you want to have the MMD motion before I start on the commission. I always add special bones to my models when I animate.

■ Please also state whether or not you want the video on my channel or if you would like to upload it yourself.

■ You MUST credit me for the animation if you upload it on your channel.

■ your model MUST be MMD compatible. Meaning it has to have/be
-a good amount of morphs
-have its bones be named correctly
-and just overall not be too difficult to use
(I could fix your model but that might cost $10-$40 extra depending on how much work I need to do.)

I can't / wont do
■ extremely complex animation.
■ dance animations
(having your model to a tiny jig will be fine, I just wont animate a whole choreographed dance.)
■ motion traced animations
■ fight scenes
■ R-18 animations
■ Anything involving hate speech (homophobia,transphobia,racism,etc.)
■ anything that just generally makes me uncomfy.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Comission Prices :D

The cost of your animation will be around $2 for every second of animation.

Note that this is just a base price and that the price can change depending on how complex the animation is.

ex: a 30-second animation will probably a lot less than a 30 second skit of someone's characters.

Payment will be accepted via Cashapp or Paypal.


1. Yatsunote
3. (available)

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